How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is super important, not only for hygienic reasons but to also improve the performance of your brushes. Brush cleaning is one of those things that people dread doing and always try to put off. However in doing so it’s only causing damage to your brushes and more importantly your skin. Makeup brushes hold loads of bacteria and germs which if you don’t clean, are being spread all over your face which can cause your skin to become irritated and break out in spots.
I will advise that if you have problem skin or acne prone skin that you deep clean your makeup brushes more often, at least three times a month, and try to spot clean them before and after use because in doing so you may notice an improvement in your skin.

What You Will Need 
  • Shampoo
  •  Brushes obviously ,love the Bestope Brushes 
  • Brush mat ,the favourite Brush Mat will be the Real Technic Mat 
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Steps in Cleaning Makeup Brushes 
  • Begin by running your brushes under lukewarm water, rinsing out all of the residual makeup. Try to focus on the actual bristles while avoiding the part of the brush where handle meets the head, as this can loosen the glue over time
  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a squirt of shampoo, and gently swirl your brush tip in the water. If you need to, you can also swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to work up a lather.
  • Rinse the brush tip under running water once again. Repeat steps two and three until the water runs clear from the brush,
  • Use a cloth to wipe your brush clean, reshaping the bristles as you go.
  • Lay your brushes flat on a cloth to dry.
Sometimes you might want to clean the brush as you go ,take for example you use a green eyeshadow and want to use the same brush to pick up a gold shadow you might want to use a Cleaning Brush Spray,Spray 2 to 3 pumps directly onto brush hairs and massage into a tissue to remove makeup and sanitise. Repeat as necessary with a clean tissue until bristles are fully clean. Allow brush to air dry before next 
There are alot of makeup cleaning spray ,my go to will be the B Makeup Brush Cleaner
B Makeup Brush Cleaner

Please Note
Dirty brushes become more abrasive and dry as they become more caked with product and debris from your face. ... Cleaning your brushes regularly keeps them soft enough to not cause damage to your face. Avoid germs. Dirty makeup brushes are also a breeding ground for bacteria

From Your Girl 


Lipstick Colours For Dark Skin Women

Having dark lips or dark skin does not mean that you cannot wear varieties of lip colors. There are lots of lipstick shades that fit really excellent on dark lips or Dark Skin Ladies. 
I have searched through my lipstick kit and have come up with some few lipstick colours that suit dark Skin women.i have also put down my favourite lipsticks brand for every lipstilck colour, just click on the name and it will take you to where this can be purchase if it's still in stock .
  • Mauve Lip Colour 
Mauve is a safe lipstick shade for dark lips or for ladies who have dark skin type. It is nearly Violet or Purple. You can use – Gerard Cosmestic Matte Lipstick in Estasy Click Here
  • Burgundy or Deep Wine 
Burgundy or Deep Wine looks amazing with dark complexion on any charming occasion or for a night out. Besides, it hides the lip pigmentation immediately and makes your lips smaller ,So, you can go carefree with Wine or Burgundy if your lips are dark. One of my favourite will be the La Splash Lip Couture in the shade Vampire Click Here

  • Red Colour
If I am not wrong, red lipstick is the most used color for women regardless of lip skin. All women are craving enough to wear Red lip Colour . Of course, at anytime you can apply red lipstick because it instantly increases the fascination of your lips in all situations. But, if your lips are dark, Cold Red looks nice on them.A perfect Red lipstick will be the La Splash in The Shade Retro Bettie
  • Purple Colour 
Purple is arguably one of the most flattering shades on black women. While I would, of course, argue that all shades look great on us, purple just pops when against our skin.My Favourite purple will be Colour pop Matte Liquid Lipstick  in the shade Be Dazzled 
  • Nude Lip Colour 
Nude is an excellent color for all women, regardless of lip complexion. If you don’t like to hold your lips with bold, deep or gorgeous color, but like just simple, plain and original skin matching shade , then Nude is the best option for you. ,this is my go to for the summer.With Nude, dark lips look nice and a little bit fuller. My Go To Lipstick Will Be The Colour Pop Lipstick in Chilli Chill Or the Nyx lip Cream in Abu Dhabi and Stockholm
  • Pink Colour 

Pink is another lip color that is very popular with all age’s women with any lip tone. It takes a nice matching on fair skin, dark skin, medium skin or olive skin. Shimmery pink, light pink, peach or any lighter colors can be faded away and your lips pigmentation will be noticed soon. Even, sometimes, the pink makes your dark lips gray on different lighting or times. There are a lot of pink lipsticks out there from Gerard Cosmestics and La Splash i will recommend.


  • Dark purple 

A bit darker lipstick shade goes with a nice look for dark skin tone women.If you wear a bold color dress, a dark color lipstick can be a nice choice for your dark lips.She is wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in the shade Poison 

  • Brown Lip Colour
Brown is a perfect matching lipstick shade for dark lips women. It goes and looks great on black lips in all parties, and walks.Cocoa colour in brown lipsticks makes it  safe, gentle and mild lip color for dark skin .You can easily paint your lips with this shade for any going out. It leaves a gorgeous flavor if you dress up matching. My go to will be Colour Pop in the shade Limbo ,Kylie Lipstick in the shade True Brown KMilani Liquid Lipstick in the shade Covet 

  • Black Lipstick 
For  me, gaining the confidence to wear black lipstick, was a trend I thought was out of a dark skin “league,” but my friend here has boosted my confidence,this just proofs that we should  never hinder ourselves just because of our complexion,Dark Lipstick will be suitable if you are wearing too many bright colours and I feel This lipstick colour will pull off making a statement especially when wearing white .this is  Crime Lipstick in the shade Black Velvet


Don’t Use the Following Lip Colors for Dark Lips
You are not, like the fair skin girls who can go across all lipstick shades or colors. Dark lips are unique in choosing makeup, lipstick or even dressing. Try to avoid the below lip colors for dark lips:
·         Bright, bold colors
·         Glossy lipstick may fade away soon
·         Semi-opaque lipsticks
·          sheer makeup lipstick
The above lip colors for dark lips are not strict fundamentals. You can wear any lip color if it looks beautiful on your lips. Do try on various lip shades, or lipsticks and recognize the one that would be the best suited for your black lips. The combination of your makeup, dress, and lipstick are also important. 

Thank you 
Claris πŸ’žπŸ’ž
Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in the shade Poison Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in the shade Poison Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in the shade Poison  Lime Crime Lipstick in the shade Black VelvetThe Colour Pop Lipstick in Chilli Chill Colour Pop in the shade Limbo Crime Lipstick in the shade Black VelvetCrime Lipstick in the shade Black Velvet

Six Ways To Improve Body Positivity

  1. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good, mentally,physically and spiritually 
  2.  Stop comparing your body to other people's. If you're not happy with something, change it. But don't change to look like someone else,change to be what you feel you wish to become to better your self  and no one.
  3. Avoid magazines or social media that promotes only one type of body. All shapes and sizes should be in a magazine, not what society deems as perfect. 
  4.  Think positively. Instead of complaining about all the things you hate about your body, try to list the things that you love whenever you look in the mirror. Thoughts turn into things, so if you think positive about yourself, you'll start to feel happier in your own skin.  
  5. Meditate. Meditation is a way of taking some time out for you to just breathe. Let go of any stress or worries that you have, this includes any negative thoughts that you have about your body. 
  6. Appreciate all that your body can do.  Every day your body carries you closer to your dreams.  Celebrate all of the amazing things your body does for you like running, dancing, breathing, laughing, dreaming, etc.




Makeup Must Haves For Beginners

Eager to start beating your face but don’t know where to start? This list of 12 must-have goodies for makeup beginners just starting out will help in your journey to face beat realness ,it can sometimes be so confusing as there are a lot  out there to choose from, when starting makeup I will normally advise for start with more affordable products and when you think you are more confident then you can Bergin to step up your game and buying more high end products.I have listed all the items I started off with as a beginner and I still used them,there are plenty of high end products out there but I wrote this for berginners and also for those who are already into makeup but do not want to spend too much but still want to remain flawless for less.
·         Primer
A primer lets your makeup stay longer and prevents makeup from melting off, so its good as a beginner you will want your makeup to last longer as it can be hard for you to know where and what to use to touch up your makeup when you start feeling sweaty on the face .A cheap example of primer I would recommend which is inexpensive will be the Nivea Post After Shave Balm,Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser(£7.99)

·         Foundation
If you are going for a foundation for the first time you would want to go into a beauty store for the store to test and find the perfect foundation for your skin type. If you want
to go high-end, MAC Studio Fix,Kat Von D ,LancΓ΄me will be my go to, but through the 
way, there are really good foundations in budget brands Like Black Opal ,Milani Foundation ,L’OrΓ©al and Revlon.  The whole trick with foundation is that you should be able to find a perfect match, and from there, it’s all easy.I personally would recommend the milani conceal perfect foundation((£13.99) and the black (10.99)opal foundation 
·         Concealer
When your whole makeup is looking good, under eye circles should not be spoiler, invest in a good concealer to cover your minor imperfections.  Invest in a good one because some concealers can make the under eye area ashy, which is not any better than dark circles. AS a Beginner my go to will be for you to use the La Girl Pro Concealer(£5.00), Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Milani Concealer, this concealers will not break your bank.

·         Highlighting and Setting Powder

A highlighting powder will be the love of your life after one use. Apply a small amount of this to the high point of your cheek bones, very tip of your nose, and any other small area on your face you want to bring attention to. It’ll give you a gorgeous glow in the light. Pick a tone that matches your skin tone. If you’re lighter, go with something cream-colored or pinkish. If your skin tone is warmer, go with something more bronze or gold. Less is more with a product like this. As Beginner I will recommend Makeup Revolution highlighter ,there are plenty of shades they produced. For setting the concealer, so it sets you makeup I will recommend Sasha Buttercup(£16.00) , Ben Nye and Black Opal (£8.99)

·         Eye Liner
Eyeliners make the eyes pop more and gives you a flawless look and drags a lot of attention to your eyes and makes your eyes pop more .For beginner I will recommend Rimmel Eye Liner(£5.29)  ,which is very easy to apply and less costly
·         Blush and Bronzers
Blush and Bronzer are needed to add a dash of colour to your face.  If you have dry skin, you can pick up creamy blushes and if you have oily skin, you can try powder blushes I personally love dry Blushers as they are very easy to blend and do not leave your face cakey .  Bronzers are also necessary if you want to get that sun-kissed look.  Also, highlighter to highlight certain areas on your face. For a Beginner I will recommend the Sleek Blushers, Makeup Revolution Blusher(£6.00) Milani. For Bronzers Sleek and Makeup Revolution do have cheap and very pigmented and affordable Bronzers.
·         Mascara
No makeup kit is complete without mascara, neither for beginners nor for professionals.  Good mascara lengthens, curls, and opens up your eyes to give you an awakened look.  This item should not be skipped at all. My first Mascara as a beginner was from Maybelline, Maybelline produce one of the cheapest and best Mascara .Maybelline Lash Sensational (£8.99)was by first ever Mascara I bought and stil used today.
·         Eyeshadow
Since you would want to experiment with a lot of different eye makeup looks, its wise to invest in an eyeshadow palette rather than spending money in collecting single eyeshadows, I will suggest you go for a palette with more than one eyeshadow.   The most basic one is Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette (15.99)which has some 88 eyeshadows in one palette and comes at a good price ,Makeup Revolution has got some good palette too andMorphe if you are willing to stretch more .  You can opt for lesser or more shadows, it’s your choice.
Makeup Brushes
Building your brush collection can get pricey quick; and why spend so much money when you’re still trying to figure out HOW to even use them. Word of advice, I will personally not recommend to start off with expensive brushes if you don’t know how to take care of them  you will  just ruin the brushes and will end up spending even more money. There are a lot of inexpensive brushes on EBay and Amazon, I still used my Bestope Brushes(£14.00) this is an inexpensive brand that is great for beginners. The most expensive brush I’ve ever seen will range from anything between £30-£108 .Some are even just £1. Go to Primark, Superdrug’s, and Boots and pick out some brushes to get you going. They’ll last you more than a few months until you can get the hang of techniques and brush care. After that, slowly start building your collection of those more expensive brushes once you very confident.
Thank you for reading ,I hope this helps a berginners ,what are your favourite products ,comment and ask me more questions 


How I Dress My Body Type πŸ‘—πŸ‘šπŸŒ‚

Often when I think or talk about style sometimes I forget that so many of us struggle with body image and confidence. Putting together outfits that your happy with when you're worrying about how you look can be  hard to deal with on a daily basis. It's something that I've really struggled with over  years of having my son and adult life so today I wanted to talk about styling outfits when you're lacking confidence and a few important things to remember. 
Whether you're aware of it or not, you have a favourite body part. And you like to flaunt it.i personally love flaunting my eyes,chest area and my hips .
We all sometimes wish for what we haven’t got ,we all want to be skinny and have the hourly glass shape with curves , Even the skinniest women have, on occasion, stood in front of a mirror and asked: "do these clothes make me look fat?" and husbands, partners, and even friends have answered this question with an abrupt burst of positivity that "No honey, you look amazing!"
No matter what age or shape we are, we haven't stop getting into a habit of wishing we were different.
Understanding your body-shape isn’t about being able to put a name to your shape . Being thin or skinny does not constitute your importance but the beauty lies within

Women come in all shapes and sizes, so I personally think the key way  to   find clothes that are  flattering ,it's to always think of your body type
The key is to know your proportions, and use fashion to accentuate your best features--and hide everything else.
When dressing my self there are Always seven aspects that makes me feel confident  about my style ,when you know your body flaws you should tend to dress and cover those not forgetting the beautiful things on your body too.

1.Learn how to dress for your body
To really feel confident in your clothing, I always first of think of my body features and how dressing can affect my style , embracing my body features has been my top most priority in life ,I love my legs, but prefer to conceal your mid-section or vice-versa! If you know which areas to flaunt and which mask, you’re sure to feel great about your style. I flaunt and by curves ,hence this brings out the inner beauty of what u were.

Know your body shape and be confident in what you are wearing. If you love your arms then show them in sleeveless styles, if you hate your legs then cover them in a midi length dress. I personally I do not love my arms I will always go for dress which are off shoulder or cold shoulder tops or dress reason being this flatters and shows off my neck area and chest area making me look sexy ,it is very imp to wear clothes that accentuate the areas of your body that you love and that make you feel go
2. Never walk out the door feeling unsure about an outfit choice.
We are all for experimenting with your style, but if you are uncertain about an outfit before you leave the house, the truth will be that  you won’t feel 100% confident about your look once you’re in public. Here’s a tip:I will always  send my bestie or my sister  a quick picture to reassure my  outfit decision

3. My Next Tip is to Define my personal style

This easiest way to always feel sure about your outfit is to  Identify your signature look —not only will this personalise each outfit, but having a go-to look will also save time when you’re deciding what to wear each day. I sometimes turn to dressing which are fit and flare or off the shoulder or Bardot material as they hide my belle which is the must part of my body am not comfortable with.

4 Embrace your Belly 
"I know a lot of plus-size women who follow one styling rule: HIDE THE BELLY,"I do that a lot  Too but I have noticed  a lot of times, this results in wearing  unflattering and baggy dresses and I noticed this was not an  exact recipe for feeling good about yourself.
shape wear can over-promise and under-deliver. "Oftentimes, shape wear and supposedly high-waisted jeans won’t actually make you look like an hourglass bombshell. They’ll create lumps where there aren’t any. So rather than focusing on hiding your tummy, find clothes that make you happy!"

5.Find clothes that Flatter your specific shape
Not all curvy girls are the same. Maybe you're a triangle or an hourglass, a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle. Whatever your shape, you can help yourself in  finding the  styles that flatter you,
Take for example if you know you are boosty you will turn to wear dressing that flatter this area rather find clothes which closes this area ,by so doing this will make you look boosty even more ,With big boobs,
You need things which accentuate you, rather than just hang off your boobs like a tent, which makes you look like you have a fat stomach by accident.looking at this picture I was aiming at flaunting my legs more as I know I got good legs I intend covered my belly and my hands which are place I really don't like showing off 
6 wear what you feel Good in 
I am not one those people  who believes in chasing trends or only wearing outfits that are considered 'in' at the time. I wear the clothes that make me feel good and make me feel as confident as I possibly can. So what if it's not the most fashionable thing in the world? That's not what should come before your own happiness. When you don't have much confidence wearing items that make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious is only going to knock your confidence more. 

 7.Dress for your self
Growing up , I was terrible for changing my style to fit in with those around me or what was considered cool at the time. It took me years to learn that the only person you need to dress for is yourself. Once your happy with what you're wearing your insecurities tend to melt away and suddenly you're more focused on your awesome outfit than what other people are thinking. The most important person you need to impress and keep happy is yourself. I mostly go for shift dressses,off shoulder dress or tops ,fit and flare dresses and dress with Bardot material as this grossly compliments my body shape and boast my confidence..

Tips To Hide your Belly Fat When Dressing 
  • Avoid tight and clingy tops around your belly 
  • When wearing asymmetric tops ,pair them with leggings or skinny jeans πŸ‘Œ
  • Don't make your tummy obvious by wearing belts on your tummy this just makes it obvious.
  • Wear tops over your skirt and try not to tuck them 
  • Always go for asymmetrical tops 
  • Wear a good bra 

Thank you from your girl 
CLARIS 🌸🌸🌷🌸🌸


Skin Care Routine and Tips for Glowing Skin ✨✨✨✨

It is very important for us to love our skin ,and more especially take care of your face ,every woman is beautiful with or without makeup ,and the face is not only looked after if you wear makeup.It’s only natural. But,the thing is, everyone’s skin is different. Even if you were to use all the same products I use and do everything I do, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the same results.
You can still look beautiful with the right skin Care products ,makeup is not beauty,but a tool to enhanced your beauty .
It is very important to have skin Care Routine ,don’t get me wrong I still would want to reach out for just wipes just because its more easy especially  in the evenings when am so tired or if I have been out for a party .
Knowing what products work together, how they benefit your skin, and the order in which to use them is very important when developing a skincare routine that is best for you
Starting with my morning routine. Here’s what I use pretty much everyday. I do alternate between a few products, but these are my favorite go to:

Step 1: Cleanser.
Just washing my face with water will not be enough to clean my face but by using a cleanser it helps remove all the debris ,oil and makeup on my face, my go to cleanser will be my all time Cream
Cleanser Vitamin E from the body shop . This keeps my skin looking smooth and feels healthy .This Cleanser is enriched with Vatamin E ,Vitamin E helps to nourish the skin ,
Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, a Delhi-based dermatologist says, “Vitamin E makes the nerves stronger and helps in nourishing your skin from within.
vitamin E as well helps to pretend dark circles around the eye and with this cleanser i have started noticing significant changes around my eye area.Applying Vitamin E Cleanser around the eyes is a great way to get rid of dark circles.

Click Here For More Information

                                              Step  2:Exfoliate
I use the Rio Sonicleanse cleansing brush and my go to Gentle Facial Wash from the Body Shop,to gently exfoliate my face ,i exfoliate 3 times a week .I personally think exfoliating is actually a key piece of a good skin care routine and has all sorts of benefits you're probably not aware of.
Dr Terry Long Medical Doctor of Energy Clinic states "I love cleansing brushes,They’re a great way to enhance the cleansing routine and to ensure that all of your makeup is properly removed at the end of the day. Depending on your skin type, you can often use one every day, however, I would only recommend using it once a day, If you have sensitive skin, you may want to use it every other day".
The exfoliating brush gets rid of dead skin cells as well as extra dirt and makeup, it makes your skin tone brighter and evens it out and my face will get a nice little glow.
Sometimes i will use my exfoliating scrub once a week ,i use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub.

Step 3:Toner 
Toner helps me hydrate ,refresh and revitalize the surface of my skin this also takes off any dry patches or redness on my face. My go to toner is Hydrating Toner From the Body Shop.This helps remove all the last traces of makeup in my skin,The Hydrating toner remove any remaining bits of oil, dirt and debris left behind by the cleanser. More importantly,this toner helps to soothe, nourish and hydrate my skin leaving my face very fresh.
One of the key reasons why I love the body shop toner is because it contains soya oil,soya oil is very beneficiary to the skin ,One of the major benefits is that Soybean Oil is reported to be a very good oil for protecting the skin against harmful UV rays. It is also considered very effective in treating skin damage caused by the sun .

                                         Step 4: Moisturizer

After using my toner,i go in with Moisturizer to lock in moisture with some cream ,i go in with my old time Mary Kay Moisturizer and this leaves my skin significantly smooth
During the course of the day if i feel my face is dry i will use my Mario Badescu Hydrating Water
I typically use mists to prep for moisturizer as they allow my moisturizer to absorb more easily into my skin. I also use them after my shower just to ease any tightness the hot water might have caused. Sometimes I even use them during the day to add refresh and add moisture to my skin
Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater is a nice affordable face mist that’s lightly hydrating and smells pretty. If you have oily skin this is a great pick up since it isn’t super hydrating…! It’s also great for drier skin types looking to add a bit of light hydration to skin that aids in allowing their daily moisturizer to absorb more easily!



Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin

  1. Drink Plenty of Water 
  2. Avoid Touching Your Face Constantly 
  3. Find a Product that works for You 
  4. Stick to the Product 
  5. Be Consistent with your Routine 
  6. Clean your makeup brushes atleast 3 times a month 
  7. Change Your Pillow Case Regularly 
  8. Never Sleep With Makeup On