Foundation Mistakes Every Oily Skin Girl Should Know

Hey Girlies
 Right ,am really not sure what name I need to start calling you all on my blog ,but am pretty sure I will figure out a name soon.okay let's jump unto the purpose of this piece am writing today.
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this but my skin has changed over the years. When I never cared about makeup nor skincare I had what you may consider quite normal skin with the odd spot problem from time to time. As I've aged and started taken care of my skin,it  has become ever more normal though sometimes my forehead and nose turns to be so oily  and I've realised that how I treat my skin needed to change too. Now I do have a skincare post, already on here but today I want to focus on the foundation mistakes I used to make as my skin began to get oilier. This are some mistakes someone of my oily skin girls make too.
  • Pay Close Attention To Foundation Ingredients
I remember a time when oil-free foundations were few and far between. So I always purchased foundations with oil in them and wondered why I looked greasy within an hour of wearing it! Checking that your foundation is oil-free is always a great start as it will help immensely with the way in which your foundation appears.This means if you have oily skin ,stay away from Oily Foundations ,make sure you check is oil free.

  • Primer (A Good Primer is Very Necessary )
Honestly I never knew before putting on my foundation I will need to prime my face first, I did not even know how a primer looked like. But today there are so many primer out there and they are releases every single day .There are primers to smooth your skin, reduce pores, anti-ageing, blurring, mattifying, radiance and the list goes on. If you are oily I always suggest using an oil-free primer that mattifies your skin. Primer should only be using where you get oily easily so placing all over the face is sometimes not really necessary . I would also recommend multi-priming if you find your mattifying primer doesn't work well for reducing pores for example.


My Favourites for the summer (Beauty and Fashion )

Another month has come and gone and summer is about to go into full swing. This month has brought lots of new pieces into my wardrobe not forgetting some skincare products and Makeup . The frequent launches of summer collections had me going, “Yes!”, but my wallet going “NO! NO!”
Anyway, so much to come, but lets look at what I have been loving recently for beauty. Starting with Skincare, Makeup and of course Tools. My products relatively remain the same as I am the type of person to rotate around products that I know work for me.

I have been loving the Mario Badescu Rose Water,this is of no surprise to my friends that know me or follow me as I talk about this all the time ,I will die without this Product,this is the most hydrating product I ever used ,I have noticed a huge change in my makeup and not that it prevents any acne but just the fact that it keeps all the moisture in my face ,when I feel like am dry it comes like a saver.
Another skincare Favourite will be the Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist.this product is infused with orange blossom and citrus extracts ,I love using this both morning and evening and this helps to strengthen and tone my skin ,this also adds to hydration on the face and smells lovely and feels my face with that perfect glow .
I can't close my Skincare Favourites with talking about The Garnier Tissue Bomb Mask. This leaves your face hydrated and should be left on the face for 15minutes ,this is prefect for people with dry and normal skin and even sensitive once I cleanse and exfoliate my skin I use the tissue Mask and it leaves my face very moist and fresh .

Things To Tell Yourself When You Feel Insecured

Nearly everyone feels insecure about their bodies at some point in their lives. While you may feel you are too fat, someone else may be feeling they are underweight. Or perhaps you have too little hair – or too much? The reasons why people feel insecure about their bodies are as varied as there are, well, people.
Today’s society has almost come to expect a perfect human being, what with television and the movies. From a very early age kids are bombarded with media advertising on TV, in magazines and now the internet, that practically tells them to look like models and film stars, and it is not surprising that many grown-ups (and the kids of course) feel insecure about their bodies.

  • It's okay to feel insecured 
The second you start to feel overwhelmed by your insecurity, remember that it is okay to feel that way .Give yourself permission to feel whatever you're feeling, because that acceptance will make it easier to overcome whatever it is that's making you feel down about yourself in the first place. If you beat yourself up for feeling insecure, you're just kicking yourself when you're already down, and that's not going to make dealing with your insecurity any easy


How I Hydrate My Skin During The Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and when it comes to this ,our  skincare routine should be taken seriously . Because of the longer sunshine hours, heat, humidity and pollution, skin can become prone to blocked pores, acne, blackheads, redness and shine. With this in mind, I’ve created a list as to how i keep my skin hydrated

Drink Plenty Of Water

As we must admit its very difficult to drink water ,i find myself drinking alot of water at work than at home,during the summer especially water should be your best friend .one of the foremost ways to keep skin hydrated is by drinking plenty of water
Take Cold Showers 

This one shouldn’t be too hard, especially when the temperatures start to rise! When you take long, hot showers, the water tends to dry out your skin.but on the other hand I noticed cold water tightens my pores, which prevents them from getting clogged. 

10 Things To Get Rid off In Your Closet

Hey beauties as I spoke to you  about the  10 things every woman needs in their wardrobe ,I thought I should discuss the  things we don’t need in our wardrobe, I think we’re all guilty of holding onto items that are taking up precious real estate in our closets, yet we never seem to want to wear them. I think it’s time to skip the juice cleanse and opt for a closet clean out. If you need some convincing, focus on the fact that you’re making room for new pieces that you’re actually going to wear and enjoy. Make it more of an enjoyable task and ask a friend for some help. Choose one that, in your opinion, is the most stylish. And make sure to add a little wine to the mix!

How To Tackle Your Closet Clean Out

When it’s time to organize and edit your closet, the best thing to do first is to take everything out. The next thing I do is to create three different piles which are is the “Yes” pile, the  ‘No” pile, and the “Maybe”
The hard part is figuring out whether to keep or toss the items in the ‘Maybe’ pile. When deciding whether to keep items from the ‘maybe’ pile, ask yourself: if I was shopping right now, would I buy this? If the answer is no, toss it into the ‘No’ pile. To help you decide, I’ve laid out 10 things you don’t need in your closet.

  •  Things that don’t fit.
Whether you’re hoping to gain or lose weight, if it doesn’t fit now, let it go.
  • Anything that is damaged.
If it’s damaged beyond repair or you haven’t gotten around to getting the item fixed, you don’t love it enough,
  • Anything that is stained.
Even if it’s your comfy house close – arrivederci!
  • Worn out bras/underwear and socks with holes in them.

  • Clothes/shoes that are uncomfortable.
There is nothing worse that clothes and shoes that are uncomfortable. It shows on your face and body language. Not to mention, it just doesn’t look good. Toss ’em!
  • Things you’ve never worn or haven’t worn for a year.

10 Things Every Woman Needs In Their Wardrobe

Yes, our wardrobes might be packed with clothes, but we still have NOTHING TO WEAR! And it's probably down to us slacking on the go-to basics. There are staple pieces every women should own, pieces that make day-to-day dressing a breeze, so from perfect white shirts to a statement handbag i have put together the ten things every woman should have in her wardrobe.
The best way to make sense of the stuff in your closet is to clean out the unworn clothes and make room for the essential pieces that'll make it easy to pull together an outfit, whatever the occasion. .
  • Black Trouser 
A pair of black trousers is a must for all wardrobes. Black trousers will take you from an interview to the office and even to after work drinks. Just find a shape that works for your body and you are good to go,I personally would only wear a black trouser to work not a trouser girl but it's a must in my wardrobe .Click Here
  • Little Black Dress (LBD)