Sunday, 4 June 2017

10 Things Every Woman Needs In Their Wardrobe

Yes, our wardrobes might be packed with clothes, but we still have NOTHING TO WEAR! And it's probably down to us slacking on the go-to basics. There are staple pieces every women should own, pieces that make day-to-day dressing a breeze, so from perfect white shirts to a statement handbag i have put together the ten things every woman should have in her wardrobe.
The best way to make sense of the stuff in your closet is to clean out the unworn clothes and make room for the essential pieces that'll make it easy to pull together an outfit, whatever the occasion. .
  • Black Trouser 
A pair of black trousers is a must for all wardrobes. Black trousers will take you from an interview to the office and even to after work drinks. Just find a shape that works for your body and you are good to go,I personally would only wear a black trouser to work not a trouser girl but it's a must in my wardrobe .Click Here
  • Little Black Dress (LBD)
Every woman knows she should have a little black dress, but it's important to invest in one that's special. Look for a dress with a detail-an interesting sleeve, an embellished belt-that makes it unique.You can wear your little black dress to any occasion. It can be worn for an interview or for a fancy night out. Just make sure that it is tailor-made to suit your body and style year after year.
  • Black Leggings 
Adding black leggings under a dress instantly makes it more tasteful and work appropriate, no matter how short or tight the dress is. Wearing black leggings helps round out any day-wear look. They also make the wearer more comfortable in situations where modesty could be an issue. To transition to night, simply throw on a top with the leggings. This is a fun, sporty way to make a statement and look fabulous at the same time. It’s also a great way to showcase stunning tops and tee shirts in a way that doesn’t overpower them. The tops will be able to speak for themselves without being overwhelmed by the bottoms.

  • Blazer 
Even if you don't work in a proper office, every woman should have at least one blazer that is a flattering to her silhouette. If it doesn't fit right off the bat, this is where your trusted tailor comes in. Shoulders and the sleeves that aren't too big and long are key.The right Blazer can pull off any outfit.
  • White Tee
Never underestimate the power of a white t-shirt. If you have the perfect plain white t-shirt, trust me, you will wear it over and over again. Make sure your white t-shirt is in a relaxed fit, it will look good paired with jeans or tucked into a full skirt. Definitely an essential item every woman should have

  • White Shirt 
A crisp white shirt will look good worn to a business meeting and will double up as a swimsuit coverup. Yes, it is that versatile and definitely a wardrobe essential every woman should have! Use your white shirt throughout different seasons by layering it under your favorite sweater or rolling up its sleeves with your jeans for an effortless look.
  • A Pair Of Jeans
A nice pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential for every woman. Whichever jeans style you prefer, skinny leg, flared or cropped, make sure to pick a pair that is suitable to your body type  A pair of dark blue straight leg jeans is always a safe choice and will work for several body types as it makes you look slimmer. Everybody has that favorite pair of jeans which makes them feel sexy and comfortable, so make sure yours is a perfect fit.
  • Flats 
We live in a world where we multitask, and multitasking is better done in ballet flats, that's for sure! Invest in a pair of ballet flats but keep them interesting with an added detail or a pop of color. A pair of leopard print ballet flats is a chic addition, this animal print never goes out of style and is the perfect way to complete your wardrobe essentials. 
  • Statement Jewelry 
Necklaces, cuffs, earrings or rings... Statement jewelry is definitely a wardrobe essentials that every woman should have, as it will add character to your outfit and will say a lot about you. Keep a statement piece of jewelry in your handbag and wear it to transition your look from day to night. An outfit is never boring with statement jewelry!
10. Handbag
Invest in a medium sized handbag, but keep it in a bright color and treat it as you would treat a neutral colored handbag. The wardrobe essential will add a lot of boldness to your outfits, so don't be afraid to wear it out and mix it with different color tones.



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