Monday, 5 June 2017

10 Things To Get Rid off In Your Closet

Hey beauties as I spoke to you  about the  10 things every woman needs in their wardrobe ,I thought I should discuss the  things we don’t need in our wardrobe, I think we’re all guilty of holding onto items that are taking up precious real estate in our closets, yet we never seem to want to wear them. I think it’s time to skip the juice cleanse and opt for a closet clean out. If you need some convincing, focus on the fact that you’re making room for new pieces that you’re actually going to wear and enjoy. Make it more of an enjoyable task and ask a friend for some help. Choose one that, in your opinion, is the most stylish. And make sure to add a little wine to the mix!

How To Tackle Your Closet Clean Out

When it’s time to organize and edit your closet, the best thing to do first is to take everything out. The next thing I do is to create three different piles which are is the “Yes” pile, the  ‘No” pile, and the “Maybe”
The hard part is figuring out whether to keep or toss the items in the ‘Maybe’ pile. When deciding whether to keep items from the ‘maybe’ pile, ask yourself: if I was shopping right now, would I buy this? If the answer is no, toss it into the ‘No’ pile. To help you decide, I’ve laid out 10 things you don’t need in your closet.

  •  Things that don’t fit.
Whether you’re hoping to gain or lose weight, if it doesn’t fit now, let it go.
  • Anything that is damaged.
If it’s damaged beyond repair or you haven’t gotten around to getting the item fixed, you don’t love it enough,
  • Anything that is stained.
Even if it’s your comfy house close – arrivederci!
  • Worn out bras/underwear and socks with holes in them.

  • Clothes/shoes that are uncomfortable.
There is nothing worse that clothes and shoes that are uncomfortable. It shows on your face and body language. Not to mention, it just doesn’t look good. Toss ’em!
  • Things you’ve never worn or haven’t worn for a year.
We all ignore the One Year Rule, but let’s be real, if you haven’t worn an item for that long, chances are you don’t love it or it simply doesn’t fit your lifestyle. This also includes that item you purchased just because it was a steal. Or you had hopes that you would eventually find something to pair it with. TIP: When purchasing a top or bottom, make sure you have something that you can pair it with. Otherwise, you are most likely never gonna find something it goes with (Obviously, this doesn’t apply to wardrobe staples like t-shirts, jeans, blazers, etc.).
  • Pieces you’re hoping will come back into style.
Unless it’s designer and very special, say goodbye. Decluttering is the goal!
  • Things that have a bad memory attached to them.
We want only good energy in our closet, so don’t hold on to anything that creates negative energy.
  • Things that you’re holding on to for their sentimental value that you never plan on wearing.
Not including timeless, sentimental pieces. Hold on to that vintage Chanel girl! TIP: Take a photo wearing the piece or store it somewhere else.
  • Clothes that don’t make you feel confident.
When you’re wearing clothes that make you feel good, it changes everything. Excuse the cheesiness, but it’ll put a pep in your step and alter the how you approach the world. When you think you look good, you feel good.

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  1. Am so guilty of most🙈🙈.....Thanks for the eye opener🙏🏾

    1. Don't worry am guilty of 4 and 5th we would get there

  2. I am a classic example; my favourite jean Trouser amongst several is torn btn both tighs but gurl.. I can't seem to get rid of it. Planning on sewing & wearing lol after reading your blog, I will throw it away.😘

  3. Honestly I think I kind of had a hoarding problem with clothes and shoes and I have been getting better with time. This article just helps me realise how better to do it and realise that every item has got so much meaning until you get rid of it. Thanks for this Darlx xx

    1. Your welcome am happy it has helped you ,we will get there

  4. Clothes that make you feel good is definitely key
    Nothing worse than holding onto clothes that make you sweat easily or feel too tight or loose
    Great post
    You have interesting content

    New blog alert:
    Instagram/ snapchat: @itsjustwinnie1

    1. Thank you for stopping by on my blog ,no need holding clothes we know we would never wear

  5. So on point!! I only clean up when it doesn't fit 😉!! Nice one again!! ❤️

  6. wow ,after reading this i need to sort my wardrobe out ,too many things in there i need to let go

  7. I too like most women need to let go of certain clothing and stop making pathetic excuses for keeping them ie I'll be able to fit back in it one day, it just needs a button re sewn etc.

    Things I havent worn but cannot bare to part with I shall donate to charity, so even if i cant get any joy out of it, some one else can.

    Great tips. Be realistic and firm ladies. Tamikah x

  8. Thank you tami for stopping by ❤️❤️


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