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Foundation Mistakes Every Oily Skin Girl Should Know

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 Right ,am really not sure what name I need to start calling you all on my blog ,but am pretty sure I will figure out a name soon.okay let's jump unto the purpose of this piece am writing today.
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this but my skin has changed over the years. When I never cared about makeup nor skincare I had what you may consider quite normal skin with the odd spot problem from time to time. As I've aged and started taken care of my skin,it  has become ever more normal though sometimes my forehead and nose turns to be so oily  and I've realised that how I treat my skin needed to change too. Now I do have a skincare post, already on here but today I want to focus on the foundation mistakes I used to make as my skin began to get oilier. This are some mistakes someone of my oily skin girls make too.
  • Pay Close Attention To Foundation Ingredients
I remember a time when oil-free foundations were few and far between. So I always purchased foundations with oil in them and wondered why I looked greasy within an hour of wearing it! Checking that your foundation is oil-free is always a great start as it will help immensely with the way in which your foundation appears.This means if you have oily skin ,stay away from Oily Foundations ,make sure you check is oil free.

  • Primer (A Good Primer is Very Necessary )
Honestly I never knew before putting on my foundation I will need to prime my face first, I did not even know how a primer looked like. But today there are so many primer out there and they are releases every single day .There are primers to smooth your skin, reduce pores, anti-ageing, blurring, mattifying, radiance and the list goes on. If you are oily I always suggest using an oil-free primer that mattifies your skin. Primer should only be using where you get oily easily so placing all over the face is sometimes not really necessary . I would also recommend multi-priming if you find your mattifying primer doesn't work well for reducing pores for example.

Try Not to overload your Face with Powder

I used to think if my skin didn't look freshly powdered then it was a bad makeup day but no that’s not the case what I have noticed with  oily skin we seem to want to forever do the powder touch ups even when the tiniest oils start to show. We then start to pile on too much powder and the whole 'cake face' situation becomes a reality. To overcome this the obvious thing is to powder less. The only time I feel the need to reapply powder (which I hardly ever do now) is if my foundation appears to be breaking down (normally around my nose). I seldom carry a powder with me if I feel my face is oily I turn to use my oreal pressed powder, I am looking forward to try blotting sheets as I heard this can very handy too

Stay Away From any Foundation with luminous

any product that produces  'luminous glow' to the skin and Is really not Good for Oily Skin. However you ca still wear a luminous Foundation is there is no oil in it ,i use the L’Oréal True Match foundations and i have come to realise that it is luminous bit with no oil ,and they it will not make you look oily or greasy throughout the day .L OREALWILL GIVE You a satin finish to the skin which is more like a natural skin finish and that's the look we should be wanting to achieve - not the appearing of dry and dull looking skin.
I'll be delving more into a skin care discussion in a future post. But let me know what kind of foundation mistakes you've made in the past!

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  1. Wow wow wow this mean alot to me. I ve learnt alot from this and i just want to says thanks a million fold for sharing this wonderful tips.✌✌

  2. Just love love the tips...I would vouch to the Estée Lauder foundation💯. Thanks for sharing sis xoxo

    1. Estee lauder is the way forward it seals all the deal

  3. Thanks for the oil skin tips Hun! Needed this a lot❤️ Xx

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by am happy this has really help

  4. Thanks so much sis😘...ihv learnt something new.. checking mine now...cuz my face is too oily😎.

  5. Thanks so much sis😘....ihv learnt a lot. Checking my stuffs now...cuz my face is oily to a fault 😂😂....

  6. Thanks so much 🤗 great tips


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