Friday, 23 June 2017

Things To Tell Yourself When You Feel Insecured

Nearly everyone feels insecure about their bodies at some point in their lives. While you may feel you are too fat, someone else may be feeling they are underweight. Or perhaps you have too little hair – or too much? The reasons why people feel insecure about their bodies are as varied as there are, well, people.
Today’s society has almost come to expect a perfect human being, what with television and the movies. From a very early age kids are bombarded with media advertising on TV, in magazines and now the internet, that practically tells them to look like models and film stars, and it is not surprising that many grown-ups (and the kids of course) feel insecure about their bodies.

  • It's okay to feel insecured 
The second you start to feel overwhelmed by your insecurity, remember that it is okay to feel that way .Give yourself permission to feel whatever you're feeling, because that acceptance will make it easier to overcome whatever it is that's making you feel down about yourself in the first place. If you beat yourself up for feeling insecure, you're just kicking yourself when you're already down, and that's not going to make dealing with your insecurity any easy

  • Learn To Love Your Body 
 The psychologists of course tell us to love our bodies and accept who we are. Easier said than done! Just when you think you are well on the road to accepting yourself and getting adjusted life throws some new obstacle your way. My biggest insecurity will be my belle and my hands 
But I wear things which compliments my body shape and offcourse hide my flaws .

  • Always bare in mind that there are people who are insecured too.
I regularly berate myself for feeling insecure, and I think part of this is because I frequently think to myself, "No one can possibly be feeling as insecure as I'm feeling right now." But that just can't be true. I don't care how confident and self-assured someone is; no one is immune when you start feeling insecured always say to yourself am not the only one feeling this way .Asking questions about your insecurities won't fix your insecurity, but it will make you feel less alone, and that's always helpful.
  • The more I challenge myself the more my insecurities fade away 
One thing I'm so grateful to have learned by the age of 31 (yes I know that was late) is this: Your confidence won't get built unless you're willing to work super hard, take chances with no guarantee that they'll pay off, and risk failure. Ironically, being OK with feeling vulnerable is the only way I've been able to overcome my insecurities about pursuing writing professionally .

Taking Action to Reverse a Negative Body Image

But of course you can’t go through life hating your figure or your looks – or any insecurity you have about your body. Hard as it may be, you have to take steps to get over your insecurity and negative feelings. Insecurity breeds all forms of other bad emotions: jealousy, anger and depression are just a few of those. This makes the effort to overcome your body insecurity or negative body image all the more important. These "sidekicks" of a negative body image can cause disease in some cases: depression can cause heart problems or mental disorders for example.
If you are overweight for example, feeling bad about it is inevitable, but you can do something about the problem, through exercise and making changes to your eating habits. But you need to begin by learning to redeem your self-esteem and dealing with any negative reactions from those around you – the jokes, stares or remarks that may be thrown at you.
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