How to look Expensive on a Budget

I can confidently say I have never in my life purchase any expensive designer clothes at full price, when i feel like treating myself with something highend,i will wait for sales ,but I am more happy shopping at Asos,Missguided,Pretty Little Things ,Boohoo and the list goes for the majority of my wardrobe.
As a single mum I always keep an eye on my finances, and the trick is to make sure you are buying the right kinds of pieces and also caring for them properly so that no one will ever figure out you paid so little for your outfits.

Here are some insider tips for how to keep a small budget wardrobe looking its very best

1.Develop Your Personal Style

Dont buy clothes or assesories just for the trend,buy things that will suit your body type and your figure .This can be a little difficult as  Many people don’t have ONE style and tend to switch things up depending on the day. Trends come and go as well, so you should focus on building a wardrobe that fits your personality and gain pieces that are timeless.

Okay, so you know your style. Now you are wondering how is this supposed to save you money? If you build a wardrobe solely off the latest trends, you are going to be shelling out tons to keep up and have items you will have to trash in a few weeks so onto tip


Do you have Dry SKin ?Then This Tips Are For You

It seem to me that must of the skincare advice is always tailored to people with oily skin and normal skin ,what about people with dry skin? I mean lets be real here .
I personally I have got dry skin around my jaws and my nose area ,if your face ever feels tight and flaky ,you know that there are a few very important skincare rules to keep in mind and some things that you should always skip. Here are 6 of the things you should never, ever do if you have dry skin.

Tip 1: Never forget to moisturize

If you have a normal skin or an oily skin you may probably skip a day of moisturizing ,but you cannot skip with a dry skin .
to Bergin this i have started using two. different moisturizers i use a rich moisturizer in the evening  after I wash my face concentrating more on the areas i have dry skin on ,then I apply a lighter moisturizer  with SPF (Sun Protector Factor) in the morning  before I apply my makeup if need be .
You can also amp up the hydration with natural oils on top of your evening moisturizer. Argan oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil are all great for dry skin and can be found online or in health food stores (just be sure to avoid buying anything with added fragrance or any added ingredients).

 Tip 2:Do not over exfoliate

Dry skin often leads to flakiness and the first thing you will always want to do is to scrub the flakes away, when you have a dry skin this is the worst thing to do  ,when you over exfoliate the skin ,you irritate the skin and your skin will dry out the more .I always limit my exfoliating 2-3 times a week and I avoid products that have got beads and grains as this will only tear up your skin. I will always recommend the Black Soap which is popularly called Dudu Osun with a warm wet washcloth .


Why You Should Use Setting Spray

Hey girlies ,I know I have been gone for so long and hey I am back ,I still need to find a name to call you all my readers, Any suggestions?well drop them on the comment section below .
Right ,I am here to talk about why we need to use a setting spray .

Any product that helps your makeup last longer, is something you should know about–and make room for in your makeup bag. You’re probably familiar with primers, which you apply before your makeup to help keep it in place. 

However, you may not have heard much about makeup setting sprays. A makeup setting spray is quite similar to a primer, except they are applied after your makeup. Think of them like the topcoat your makeup. Another key difference, like the name states, is that they come in a spray or mist form, whereas a primer is usually a cream or gel. Makeup setting sprays are also transparent and don’t change the color or texture of your makeup.

Made to prevent all makeup, including foundation, eye shadow and lipstick, from creasing, smudging or fading, most setting sprays go on much like hairspray: in a fine mist. It should be applied after completing a full face of makeup, whether it’s your regular, minimal routine or a look that is more elaborate.
To use, shake the bottle, then close your eyes and spray it on in both an “X” shape and a “T” shape, about eight to ten inches from your face.
Who should use Setting Spray 
Most makeup setting sprays are suitable for all skin types. If you have sensitive or dry skin watch out for makeup setting sprays that contain alcohol, as they will dry out your skin.
Why You Should Use ItReason 1: It keeps your makeup in place and helps stop makeup meltdown . Depending on the formula you choose, some help to hydrate skin, while others will even keep you cool on balmy days. Setting sprays are much better idea than misting your face with water.
Some of my current favourites settings sprays are :