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How to look Expensive on a Budget

I can confidently say I have never in my life purchase any expensive designer clothes at full price, when i feel like treating myself with something highend,i will wait for sales ,but I am more happy shopping at Asos,Missguided,Pretty Little Things ,Boohoo and the list goes for the majority of my wardrobe.
As a single mum I always keep an eye on my finances, and the trick is to make sure you are buying the right kinds of pieces and also caring for them properly so that no one will ever figure out you paid so little for your outfits.

Here are some insider tips for how to keep a small budget wardrobe looking its very best

1.Develop Your Personal Style

Dont buy clothes or assesories just for the trend,buy things that will suit your body type and your figure .This can be a little difficult as  Many people don’t have ONE style and tend to switch things up depending on the day. Trends come and go as well, so you should focus on building a wardrobe that fits your personality and gain pieces that are timeless.

Okay, so you know your style. Now you are wondering how is this supposed to save you money? If you build a wardrobe solely off the latest trends, you are going to be shelling out tons to keep up and have items you will have to trash in a few weeks so onto tip

 2.Wear  Blazer
Blazers add an instant polished look to any outfit.  You can wear them with a dress, with a pencil skirt and white top or even with jeans and a tee.  Although black is the most popular classic blazer, you don’t have to limit yourself to just black.  Striped, blue and even pink blazers are excellent completer pieces!

3.Carry A Good Bag

  When picking out a handbag, stick to simple bags with little hardware and design since those are generally giveaways to a budget piece. A simple clutch or black satchel is classic and discreet hardware and design since those are generally giveaways to a budget piece. A simple clutch or black satchel is classic and discreet.Carry a good bag. And try to keep it simple and sweet. Too much gaudy may not look good all the time. So, you need to keep it simple.
When you see a woman who looks poised and polished, she almost always is carrying a structured bag.  This type of bag completes the “expensive” look.  It’s simple lines and hardware gives an outfit a “finished” look.

4. Buy The Basics 

Get some basic items like white t-shirts, skinny jeans, things that you can pair with other accessories and clothes to make them seem new and different every time you wear them. Don't buy a shirt if it only goes with one outfit.
Go monochrome ,When in doubt, wear all black. Or all burgundy. Or all white. Monochrome always feels elevated and chic. I've noticed over the years that the most stylish celebs tend to wear mostly neutrals, too. It's okay to avoid bright colors if they're not your thing. And it's easier to mix and match. When you're buying fast fashion and have the choice between black and another color, you're better off going with black as it will look more expensive most of the time.

5. Makeup sure you are always looking groom 

It's very important for your hair to always look on point ,well straight and not looking messy at the back ,always make sure your nails are done,or manicured and nice and clean ,the mist annoying thing is to see a lady looking all well dressed and her hair well laid and her nails look so awful 
 Also make sure your clothes are well iron ,when it comes to been put together things like marks on your clothes ,torn clothes are not be avoided it doesn't matter what kind of brand you have on or desingnet label it will not look put together 

6 Matte Red Lipstick 

A matte red lipstick can instantly add sophistication to your look ,say if you are going for a night out ,a good matte lipstick will just instantly spice your all look and makes you look expensive .

7. Fit is everything.

You've heard it a million times, but fit really is the single most important element to making your clothes look expensive. I'm always struggling with this myself. I'll think I look good but then cringe when I see a photo of myself - too broad shoulders, wrong length skirt, a shirt that's puckering - these signs of a poor fit will curb your style quickly. Take advantage of tailoring services to have your clothing altered to fit your body. Stores like Nordstorm offer tailoring for cardholders. These bold separates look stunning on Kerry Washington because the fit and proportions are just right.

8.Wear Black
Black is a neutral, it goes with everything.  Since it is a solid colour it coordinates with other colours and patterns.  When we think of the colour black, we think of Coco Chanel.  She made the colours black and white famous in her tailored clothes and fabrics.

If you are working on a budget. You will obviously have limited amount of money to spend, what I normally do is to try not to be overwhelmed and think I  have to buy everything at one time.
Here are some of my tips to buying expensive-looking pieces for your wardrobe:
Buy One Piece At A Time
If you are going to spend money on a piece, spend it wisely.  When you buy an item for your wardrobe, make sure it is well-made and is a quality piece.
Buy Quality Items
Just because you are limited on funds, don’t skimp on quality.  If you buy an item, say a blazer, on sale because it’s cheap, chances are it won’t last long due to wear and washing.  Instead buy a great quality item at a higher end store.  Because it will be well-made with quality fabric, it will last you for years.
Buy Items On Sale
If you’re looking to buy a certain piece, wait until it’s on sale.  You can save lots of money for items on sale.
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  1. I am strongly on a budget now so I think this write up is for me. Thanks for sharing ��������

    1. Thank you girl for stopping by ,staying on a budget is not easy ,this Tips sure will help

  2. Awww thank you for stopping by ,staying on a budget is quiet difficult but with this few tips you will be fine

  3. Great tips sis...Am going to take this onboard👌🏾

    1. Thank you sister you are always there to support my blog

  4. YAAAS. I totally love this article , great tips for keeping bang on trend without getting overwhelmed or caught up in latest trend and out of pocket. Sometimes as women we believe that we do not have enough, often we have far too much and are not utilizing what we have correctly. Tamikah x

    1. That's obviously true tami,there is so many things we can mix and match in our closet to stand out ❤️❤️❤️Happy you loved this .


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