Thursday, 28 September 2017

5 Awful things That Happen When You Sleep With Makeup

5 Awful Things That Happen When You Sleep in Your Makeup

We all know sleeping in our makeup is bad, but how bad is it really? Let's just say, you'll be very vigilant about removing your foundation, concealer, mascara, and more after reading this article.

·         You Will Break out
If you don't cleanse your face, dirt and dead skin cells are not removed," explains celebrity dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiu. "They stay on the skin, clogging pores and leading to chronic inflammation in the form of pimples, and we don’t want that do we? I guess it’s a no no
·         Your Complexion will go Dull
Have ever woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror, and wished your skin looked brighter, your lack of cleansing before you hit the bed could be the problem. "Oils and dead skin cells on the outermost layers of the skin are matted up against the pillow all night, and natural turnover of this dull epidermal layer is diminished," says Dr. Chiu. "Regular cleansing and exfoliation are integral to revealing healthy new skin cells and allowing the natural repair processes of the skin to occur." Bonus: After establishing a good skin routine, your complexion will look so glowing; you won't need nearly as much makeup to brighten it up.
·         Your skin will look older
Make up slows down the renewal process that your skin goes through as you sleep. Your skin, coated with make-up is unable to breathe and the chemicals that permeate the skin interfere with the natural repair mechanism. Makeup, when left on your skin gives rise to stress that attack your skin with harmful bacterial, This damages the your skin and decreases the production of collagen (a compound that helps keep your skin healthy, elastic and line free) making your skin age faster. Says Dr Chiu
·         Lead to Dry Skin /Wrinkles
Since make-up blocks your pores and slows down the production of sebum, According to the acne ease website,( Sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands. Our skin needs it in order to function, but too much of it can lead to acne, and an overly oil complexion ,Other than the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, sebaceous glands can be found all over the body. They are prominent on the face, especially the forehead and chin) this leads to dry skin, which further worsens the way you look. Dry skin also slows down the repair process, which causes the formation of wrinkles and duller more tired looking skin

·         Can cause skin irritation
According to experts, the more sensitive your skin, the more likely you are to suffer from red patches of irritated skin. This is can happen despite using make-up made especially for sensitive skin. The reason? Well, when you sleep without removing make-up the chemicals in the make-up, the dirt from the environment sticks to it and other chemicals get locked in, increasing the amount of irritants that are present on your skin. This leads to an allergic reaction which causes reddened and irritated skin. Apart from this, the skin also becomes extremely dry which worsens the irritation and may cause it to spread.

okay now that you have read all the awful things that your skin will go through if you keep sleeping with makeup ,can we talk of some tips to protect your skin when you take off makeup ?yes am sure you will want to know.


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Things I have Learnt This Year

Things I have learnt this year


Reflection & hinds sight is a wonderful thing & as we have just entered a brand new year I wanted to share with you what I have learned throughout This year .

1. You’re not a jar of Jam, you can’t make everybody happy. This can be applied to anyone & everyone, in lots of different situations. For me, it relates to dealing with peoples opinions. It took me a long time to realise that even if I like something, or I am happy with something, not everyone else is going to be and that’s okay. Life isn’t about pleasing people. It’s about pleasing yourself.

2. People come & go. I used to moan & moan, and really struggle with losing friends & people walking in & out of my life, but this year I just haven’t cared. I’ve realised that it’s all part of growing up and I don’t need to take things so personally. Of course, if someone is using me or only talking to me on their terms, then that isn’t cool, but I’m so over forcing friendships to work and trying to keep people around me. If someone is meant to be in my life, they will be.

3. When it feels right, it usually is. You know that gut feeling everyone bangs on about? Well, that feeling pretty much tells you what you already know. When making decisions whether it be, getting into a relationships or staring up a business or with anything in life listen to that gut of yours – its there for a reason. When I got into makeup ,my sister bless her she will usually laugh at me when I do my lashes and she will tell me sis with time you will be a pro ,then I started having love for posted my makeup on Instagram ,that was it I said I want to own a blog and this is it today .

4. Anything is possible. A few weeks ago I looked back at my goals for 2015 and realised I have ticked off more than half apart from Driving yes I know I know . How amazing is that? I guess I forgot what some of my goals were but working hard this year has made them happen & they have somehow fallen into place. 2015 has been one of the best years of my life & I now understand the meaning behind ‘anything is possible’.

5. Trust the timing of your life. When you’re meant to get that car, or you’re meant to win that award. You’re meant to book that holiday or you’re meant to leave that job... It will happen when it’s meant too. There is no need to force or rush things because life works out for us all in the end. It’s never too late & everyone, even YOU, gets the chance to shine eventually.

6. What we think, we attract. Good or bad, negative or positive, our thoughts become things. We attract whatever we think about. Have you ever thought about an old friend & then you suddenly receive a text from them? Weird huh? Nope... You thought about it so deeply, that you attracted that person into your life. This theory works with anything & everything. At night, before I go to sleep I often think about the things I want the things I would like to achieve & eventually, these things start to happen for me. Its crazzzzzyyyyy! Try it.

7. Happiness is a journey not a destination. There isn’t a pot of gold at the end of your life that says ‘happy’. Happiness is a state that you can be in throughout your entire life. I take everyday as it comes & I try to see the good in something, even if I am having a difficult time. 

8. Family mean more to me than I realised. Since the passing of my Dad, I haven’t felt this close to my brothers  and sisters  other family members simply because I know my dad is no longer there ,being the first girl and the eldest to my younger ones this has just made me aware of so many things I would normally neglect when my dad was alivge.

9. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Working hard is awesome, working on your career is even better, but don’t lose sight of what’s really important. I have wasted hours and hours of my life moaning over the smallest things, locking myself away in my room to sit on my laptop and edit a video & ignored phone calls from people because I had ‘so much work to do’. It isn’t worth it. Enjoy your life!!!! (But not so much that you can’t pay your bills lol)

10. I’m good enough. I often compare myself to others, career wise, how I look, pretty much everything. This year has taught me that I am good enough & just because I do things differently, it doesn’t mean that I am unworthy or below someone else. Starting my own blog and working on something big sssh surprise   gave me the confidence boost I needed & I am forever grateful.

So thats all for now. There have been some lessons well learnt during the last 12 months & although some of them have been hard to learn, I feel stronger and more focused than ever. Here’s to an amazing 2017!!!!!


Monday, 18 September 2017

The Best Tool,Tips,Techniques For Flawless Makeup /My Foundation Routine

Hey lovies ,am just going to break down my foundation routine and tips and techniques to make your foundation routine flawless.
The first step to archive a flawless makeup is to prime your face ,priming your face before applying makeup will make it last longer ,there are many different types of primers (hydrating,oil control,illuminating ,mattifying and porefilling ).
Before you prime always make sure your face is cleansed and exfoliated ,this will assist in a more smooth makeup application ,I always use my hands to make sure it absorb very well on my face then let my primer seat well on my face for a while before my foundation .
My go primers are the moment are :

Foundation /colour correct 
For foundation I prefer watery foundation as they are very easy to blend,note,if you colour correct this will be the time to do ,if you don't then you can skip this step because it is not super necessary for me and the foundation I use gives me enough coverag to cover any pigmentation or flaws (Milani Foundation ,Kat Von D,Estee Lauder ).you don't have to use the products I am ,it's all about the technics .


Five Great Budget Beauty Buys You Are Missing Out On

With all the skincare/beauty products been released each second you will agree with me that you need to obviously see what you really need and also buy wisely .I have managed to pull myself together to bring you a small list of my five fab buys on a budget, I just cant recommend this products enough and I know you will be rushing out to buy this the right side of my page if you want this baddies .
Garnier face mask

I picked this up for only £1.99 at Superdrug’s and I have to say it's well worth it! I have been using this face mask for 5months now it’s so hydrating on the skin. The packaging is easy to open, easy instructions and easy to use and manoeuvre, it has 2 holes at the sides though, which look like they might be for your ears but they definitely didn't stretch that far and the ended up splitting however this actually helped manoeuvre the mask onto my face and it sat really well for the 15 mins. Once I was done I had loads of product still left on my face but I just massaged that in and honestly my skin was like velvet ... it definitely looked brighter too... for £1.99, this is a must buy ladies as they are great for your skin especially if you skin needs a boost even if you have to use them more than once a week it's not going break the bank!


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My Review On The Ordinary

The Ordinary skincare initial review

   So I finally decided to try some products from the The Ordinary, the reason why I have so much wanted to try is because:
·   Its got high concentration of ingredients which are active
· Relatively simple formulation (less likely to cause any form of reactions due to the fact that there are fewer ingredients )
·It comes in a package which is likely to keep the ingredients stale and free from bacteria
·  Very cheap, lets be real here ,some skincare prices are just ridiculous

Reason why it took me so long to purchase
 It took me so long to get this product because I had other products I was using as I don’t like wasting products and never like trying products all in one go .i have a very sensitive face as well so I take my time before I jump into new skincare products
The Ordinary skincare initial review
So I choose 4 products from the ordinary line which are:
·   The Ordinary Serum Foundation SPF15 in the shade 3.2N Deep
·   The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors +HA 30ml
·   The Ordinary Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil 30ml
·  The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer
Honestly I left like buying everything off Asos because the prices were shocking, but then again I don’t need all of this in my skin care routine.


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ten Beauty Tip You Must Know For Your Face

Want to look pretty? ooh what I question I just asked!!!!I know is a dream for every girl to look pretty .there are so many tips out there to try to make yourself look pretty, but I have had to try so hard to narrow my discussion today to 10 beauty tips you must know .I guess you will be wondering what this are ,this tips have been used by me and other youtubbers out there and I know if this tips are applied you will beginning to see a difference in your makeup and beauty game .
Ten Beauty Tips You Must Know
·         Some women are born beautiful ,while others will need to make themselves look pretty ,though it sounds funny but its true ,there are million of beauty tips on the internet and I have come up with my 10 most fav once.
·         Always make sure you wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed ,with you cleanser
·         Never go to bed with makeup on ,this will only cause more problems to your skin
·         Avoid using hot water to wash your face as this dries up your face, Having a flawless skin is something every girl aspires for. For achieving that, hydrating your body from the inside out indispensable. Cleanse your face at least twice every day with cold water. Avoid warn water as it opens the pores allowing dirt to enter into them. And don't forget to drink at least eight glasses of water for keeping your skin smooth and radiant.
·         Never rub your face vigorously after washing. Mop the face gently with mild towel. Remember you will have to treat your face like a baby  Also use oil free moisturizer in acne prone skin and creamy moisturizer in dry skin within 3 minutes after facewash

Sunday, 3 September 2017

How To Get Rid OF White Heads/Black Heads on your Face

Whitehead will develop when there are dead skin cells and dirt clogging your pores, but on the other hand, blackhead can be pushed out but white heads are very close within the pores ,this can make it a little hard to treat .
Still all hope is not lost as there are lots of products we can now used to get rid of whitehead
 ·         Avoid torching your face
When I personally develop whiteheads the first thing I do is try not to torch my face ,I have advice a few of  you about this already ,torching you face will only invite more dirt and pore clogging and also bacteria on your beautiful face ,now how easy was that to say hahaha ,but seriously this helps because torching too much will only irritate your skin more .
Picking and popping whiteheads simply will not work ,it might do more harm than good many at times it will leave so many scars on your face. The best thing to explore is to try other removal measures or methods to prevent the whiteheads in the first place.

·         Exfoliate
It is very important to exfoliate your skin to prevent white heads or acne ,I personally exfoliate 2 times a week ,by doing this it deep cleanses your face to remove bacteria ,whiteheads are closed to the air so the best way to achieve deep cleansing is to exfoliate regularly.
Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, many at times when I exfoliate I realised that this process removes blemishes on my face too ,always try to use products that are not harsh and products that do not contain abrasive grains that will scratch the surface of your skin and allow bacteria in ,making your acne problem worse rather than better .
Some of my go exfoliators will be Clinique exfoliating scrub, Murad exfoliating cleanser, Mario Badescu Botanical body soap, Burt’s Bee natural acne solution,Yes To Clear Skin Moisturizer

·         Try using a face mask

I try to use my face mask two or three times a week, but if your skin is oily it will be best to use a clay mask once a week as clay mask can be quite drying .clay mask sucks out all the debris and impurities from your pores while the peel off mask act like an exfoliator there lifting off the dead skin cells ,this in turn to make you glow as the dead skin has been taken off thereby revealing the younger cells below ,hence making your complexion brighter .Some of my fav ones are Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask, The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask, 

·         Try steaming your face
It’s simple but effective. Steam can help open up your pores, allowing for the clearing of debris and also a deeper cleaning. This can be achieved through several different methods, including a visit to the sauna, a hot shower, or just boiling water and using a towel to trap the steam into the face.

·         Home Remedies

The honey and cinnamon acne treatment, There are some benefits using this home remedy, we all know honey helps treat  skin condition such as burns and ulcer ,both honey and cinnamon have anti-microbial properties ,I have never tried this method personally but I have watch so many reviews on you tube and learn how to make this .

·         Gather 2 tablespoons of honey and mix it with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon until it forms a paste-like substance.
·         Do a patch test on their hand. Apply a dime-sized portion of the mixture to the back of the hand. The user should wait at least 10 minutes to ensure that itching, redness, and swelling don't take place.
·         Apply to skin, either to individual blemishes with a clean fingertip or cotton swab, or to the entire face.
·         Rinse with warm water after leaving on overnight or rinse 30 minutes after application. People should avoid using excessively warm water as it can be drying to the skin

Thank you for stopping by must of the products  mentioned today can be bought by clicking on the right hand side of my blog to take you directly to amazon to purchase them .