Sunday, 3 September 2017

How To Get Rid OF White Heads/Black Heads on your Face

Whitehead will develop when there are dead skin cells and dirt clogging your pores, but on the other hand, blackhead can be pushed out but white heads are very close within the pores ,this can make it a little hard to treat .
Still all hope is not lost as there are lots of products we can now used to get rid of whitehead
 ·         Avoid torching your face
When I personally develop whiteheads the first thing I do is try not to torch my face ,I have advice a few of  you about this already ,torching you face will only invite more dirt and pore clogging and also bacteria on your beautiful face ,now how easy was that to say hahaha ,but seriously this helps because torching too much will only irritate your skin more .
Picking and popping whiteheads simply will not work ,it might do more harm than good many at times it will leave so many scars on your face. The best thing to explore is to try other removal measures or methods to prevent the whiteheads in the first place.

·         Exfoliate
It is very important to exfoliate your skin to prevent white heads or acne ,I personally exfoliate 2 times a week ,by doing this it deep cleanses your face to remove bacteria ,whiteheads are closed to the air so the best way to achieve deep cleansing is to exfoliate regularly.
Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, many at times when I exfoliate I realised that this process removes blemishes on my face too ,always try to use products that are not harsh and products that do not contain abrasive grains that will scratch the surface of your skin and allow bacteria in ,making your acne problem worse rather than better .
Some of my go exfoliators will be Clinique exfoliating scrub, Murad exfoliating cleanser, Mario Badescu Botanical body soap, Burt’s Bee natural acne solution,Yes To Clear Skin Moisturizer

·         Try using a face mask

I try to use my face mask two or three times a week, but if your skin is oily it will be best to use a clay mask once a week as clay mask can be quite drying .clay mask sucks out all the debris and impurities from your pores while the peel off mask act like an exfoliator there lifting off the dead skin cells ,this in turn to make you glow as the dead skin has been taken off thereby revealing the younger cells below ,hence making your complexion brighter .Some of my fav ones are Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask, The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask, 

·         Try steaming your face
It’s simple but effective. Steam can help open up your pores, allowing for the clearing of debris and also a deeper cleaning. This can be achieved through several different methods, including a visit to the sauna, a hot shower, or just boiling water and using a towel to trap the steam into the face.

·         Home Remedies

The honey and cinnamon acne treatment, There are some benefits using this home remedy, we all know honey helps treat  skin condition such as burns and ulcer ,both honey and cinnamon have anti-microbial properties ,I have never tried this method personally but I have watch so many reviews on you tube and learn how to make this .

·         Gather 2 tablespoons of honey and mix it with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon until it forms a paste-like substance.
·         Do a patch test on their hand. Apply a dime-sized portion of the mixture to the back of the hand. The user should wait at least 10 minutes to ensure that itching, redness, and swelling don't take place.
·         Apply to skin, either to individual blemishes with a clean fingertip or cotton swab, or to the entire face.
·         Rinse with warm water after leaving on overnight or rinse 30 minutes after application. People should avoid using excessively warm water as it can be drying to the skin

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  1. I will definitely try the egg white face mask, heard is actually good.👌👌

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    1. Anything to make that Melanin skin of yours pop will not be a bad idea


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