Monday, 18 September 2017

The Best Tool,Tips,Techniques For Flawless Makeup /My Foundation Routine

Hey lovies ,am just going to break down my foundation routine and tips and techniques to make your foundation routine flawless.
The first step to archive a flawless makeup is to prime your face ,priming your face before applying makeup will make it last longer ,there are many different types of primers (hydrating,oil control,illuminating ,mattifying and porefilling ).
Before you prime always make sure your face is cleansed and exfoliated ,this will assist in a more smooth makeup application ,I always use my hands to make sure it absorb very well on my face then let my primer seat well on my face for a while before my foundation .
My go primers are the moment are :

Foundation /colour correct 
For foundation I prefer watery foundation as they are very easy to blend,note,if you colour correct this will be the time to do ,if you don't then you can skip this step because it is not super necessary for me and the foundation I use gives me enough coverag to cover any pigmentation or flaws (Milani Foundation ,Kat Von D,Estee Lauder ).you don't have to use the products I am ,it's all about the technics .

For blending out my foundation ,I personally love using a sponge for about 70% of my base makeup because they give the most flawless finish .whether you use a blending sponge or blending brush it will depend on the foundation you are using , for example for cream compacts I like to use a buffer brush .i love using a sponge because it will give me more precision and more focused coverag on the areas that I need it.

When choosing your concealer to hightlight ,choose one which is 2-3 shades lighter than your complexion and also b sure to choose a concealer that is your correct undertone .I use ay low toned concealer because am more yellow toned if I use a red understand concealer it makes me look reddish .
My fav concealer is from Nyx Sculpt and highlight face duo visage in the shade MHM00w.
When blending my concealer ,I blend back and forth between both eyes and this helps in creating even more coverage on both eyes ,sometimes I find that when I do one eye at a time the second eye ends up having more concealer than the other and this is because the sponge picks up some of the concealer from the first eye ,hope it makes sense hihihi.
So basically what I do is I marry the undereye area and the mouth area .I find that when I skip this step ,that area around my mouth can appear funny looking  in contrast to the highlight under my eye ,so doing this step eliminates that .

Setting the face 

So after using my powder to bl nd my whole makeup ,I set my face ,I like to spray my face after putting so much powder on it and press it all in with a sponge because I find that sometimes when I don't do this my face looks very dry and cakey throughout the day .Spraying your face just gives it that Easy  push to sink in more and become one with my skin.
My go to Setting sprays will be :

When contouring I go after powders that are a cool tone and warm tone mix ,if I go too warm I look so orange,if I go too cool I look so grey nd muddy so I try to find a really nice balance I always start my contour by pushing upwards first then I go to my nose contour and my chin .The best contouring palette for me will be the Morphe  Palette ,this can be purchased at

After I bronze my face to bring back some colour to my skin ,I use a cream blusher and also the body blusher ,when using cream products the tools are your fingers,use them to warm up the product and the apply ,Also apply in patting motions do not sweep it in because you may disturb the rest of the makeup underneath 
Then I set my face again to set everything in place .
My go to blusher  are ;

Thank you so much for reading as always .
Your girl 


  1. Love love the routine...And the combo been both high and low end. Nice one👏🏾

  2. Thanks darling just becoming so good each day with ur makeup tips forward ever xoxo

  3. Omg you made me go try out Kat Von D and since then! They are my favourite. Not changing anytime soon������

  4. @mariebeauty,thank you for always stopping by I really like to try high and low end products as some of the low end products are really as compared to the low products@ Pretty camera thank you for stopping by and I am happy my tips are very helpful and you are putting them to practice @Nadia the Kat Von d foundation is a full coverage and its very easy to blend


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