Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Things I have Learnt This Year

Things I have learnt this year


Reflection & hinds sight is a wonderful thing & as we have just entered a brand new year I wanted to share with you what I have learned throughout This year .

1. You’re not a jar of Jam, you can’t make everybody happy. This can be applied to anyone & everyone, in lots of different situations. For me, it relates to dealing with peoples opinions. It took me a long time to realise that even if I like something, or I am happy with something, not everyone else is going to be and that’s okay. Life isn’t about pleasing people. It’s about pleasing yourself.

2. People come & go. I used to moan & moan, and really struggle with losing friends & people walking in & out of my life, but this year I just haven’t cared. I’ve realised that it’s all part of growing up and I don’t need to take things so personally. Of course, if someone is using me or only talking to me on their terms, then that isn’t cool, but I’m so over forcing friendships to work and trying to keep people around me. If someone is meant to be in my life, they will be.

3. When it feels right, it usually is. You know that gut feeling everyone bangs on about? Well, that feeling pretty much tells you what you already know. When making decisions whether it be, getting into a relationships or staring up a business or with anything in life listen to that gut of yours – its there for a reason. When I got into makeup ,my sister bless her she will usually laugh at me when I do my lashes and she will tell me sis with time you will be a pro ,then I started having love for posted my makeup on Instagram ,that was it I said I want to own a blog and this is it today .

4. Anything is possible. A few weeks ago I looked back at my goals for 2015 and realised I have ticked off more than half apart from Driving yes I know I know . How amazing is that? I guess I forgot what some of my goals were but working hard this year has made them happen & they have somehow fallen into place. 2015 has been one of the best years of my life & I now understand the meaning behind ‘anything is possible’.

5. Trust the timing of your life. When you’re meant to get that car, or you’re meant to win that award. You’re meant to book that holiday or you’re meant to leave that job... It will happen when it’s meant too. There is no need to force or rush things because life works out for us all in the end. It’s never too late & everyone, even YOU, gets the chance to shine eventually.

6. What we think, we attract. Good or bad, negative or positive, our thoughts become things. We attract whatever we think about. Have you ever thought about an old friend & then you suddenly receive a text from them? Weird huh? Nope... You thought about it so deeply, that you attracted that person into your life. This theory works with anything & everything. At night, before I go to sleep I often think about the things I want the things I would like to achieve & eventually, these things start to happen for me. Its crazzzzzyyyyy! Try it.

7. Happiness is a journey not a destination. There isn’t a pot of gold at the end of your life that says ‘happy’. Happiness is a state that you can be in throughout your entire life. I take everyday as it comes & I try to see the good in something, even if I am having a difficult time. 

8. Family mean more to me than I realised. Since the passing of my Dad, I haven’t felt this close to my brothers  and sisters  other family members simply because I know my dad is no longer there ,being the first girl and the eldest to my younger ones this has just made me aware of so many things I would normally neglect when my dad was alivge.

9. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Working hard is awesome, working on your career is even better, but don’t lose sight of what’s really important. I have wasted hours and hours of my life moaning over the smallest things, locking myself away in my room to sit on my laptop and edit a video & ignored phone calls from people because I had ‘so much work to do’. It isn’t worth it. Enjoy your life!!!! (But not so much that you can’t pay your bills lol)

10. I’m good enough. I often compare myself to others, career wise, how I look, pretty much everything. This year has taught me that I am good enough & just because I do things differently, it doesn’t mean that I am unworthy or below someone else. Starting my own blog and working on something big sssh surprise   gave me the confidence boost I needed & I am forever grateful.

So thats all for now. There have been some lessons well learnt during the last 12 months & although some of them have been hard to learn, I feel stronger and more focused than ever. Here’s to an amazing 2017!!!!!



  1. I love this❤️ Maaa. All we need to learn in life is to trust our gut instincts and know that the timing of events in our lives is not thesame for everyone so let's not be hard on ourselves.

    1. That's true sometimes we are to hard on ourselves and wflirty about the things we don't have or want and forget to thank God for the things we have been blessed with

  2. Good lessons sis👌🏾...Honestly Gods timing is the best. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow I love this and I'm speechless but one thing is for sure no one really know what u going through just you so do u and those who are meant to be there will apart


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