Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My Giveaway /Birthday

Today I celebrate ME! The birth of Me! The person I have grown to be! The person I will become! The sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend, employee; I am! and the Mother I am! I celebrate Me today!Happy Birthday To Me

I am grateful to God for the gift of life, I am void without him. Also thankful to my earthly parents ,well Dady RIP for nurturing me into the graceful, lovely, and great woman I am today.

Happy birthday to Me! I wish myself many more years of joy, love, laughter, health and prosperity. I wish myself strength and wisdom for days to come and success with everything I do today, and tomorrow!Happy Birthday to me

I am well and truly chuffed to bits with this as I honestly never imagined that I'd hit that number. I started my Blog  as a fun hobby that I enjoy and the fact that other people enjoy my content is an added bonus so a big THANK YOU to everyone who has hit the subscribe button, commented and liked my content - you've made me a very humble bean.

To say thank you I thought I'd hold a little giveaway which I thought would be easiest to run here on my blog.

On the right hand side click to register to win my giveaway 
  1. You must be a subscriber of my Blog  
  2. You must be following me on Instagram and snapchat 
  3. Comment on your favourite content on my blog and why you like that content 
  4. Comment on my Instagram giveaway or snapchat and tell me why you love reading my blog post 
  5. Tag a friend on my Instagram who loves makeup and skincare 

It's very simple! I've also added some extra ways you can enter to help increase tour chances of winning so see below for more details.

I'll be announcing the winner on instagram ,Facebook and snapchat will email the winner once the giveaway has ended which will be Saturday 28th October 

So that just leaves me to say good luck to everyone who enters and thanks again for all your support and general loveliness- you're all awesome!


  1. First things first...Hapi befdae❤️. And now to the giveaway lol...I need to win thisπŸƒπŸ½‍♀️πŸƒπŸ½‍♀️

  2. Replies
    1. Who knows u might be winner ,provided you follow all the rules of the giveaway and enter your chance on the right hand side .


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