Why I Love Midi Dresses

I don't know about y'all, but when midi-length dresses came on the scene I was definitely hesitant. For me, I never really felt like a midi-length or tea length dress was very my style, and I wasn't sure if I could pull off the look. However, I would have to confidently say that I am officially on the midi fan train now. This dress that I am wearing is probably my favorite midi dress 
 I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about why I love Midi Dresses 
  1.  You don't have to worry about whether you are dressed appropriately. It is perfect for almost every occasion!
  2. It is the perfect choice for meeting your significant other's parents/family.
  3. It is also the perfect choice for church, a holiday, or a wedding (as long as it's not white)!
  4. White options are awesome for soon to be brides! Whether for a bridal shower or the rehearsal dinner, you are sure to look elegant and timeless. 
  5. They are usually really comfortable! 
  6. You can dress them up or down very easily! Pair them with sandals and have a casual day around town or pair them with a pair of heels and wear them to an event or party. 
  7. They are great vacation pieces. Versatility is essential for vacations and a midi is super versatile. 
  8. They are unique. Whenever I wear a midi dress I tend to always get a lot of compliments! I think it's usually because I am standing out from everyone else in the room. Hihihihi

Thank you for reading ,now over to you ,what dress would you never do without ?what dress style is your favourite.



skylarglam cosmetic said...

definitely mimi dresses suit you huni, i must admit that.....xxx

Clarisdailyliestyle B said...

Thanks girl and thank you for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Pretty curvy gurl

Clarisdailyliestyle B said...

Thank you ,thanks for reading

Hapsy Minlo said...

Nice 😘