Friday, 3 November 2017

21 Random Facts About Me

21RandomFacts About Me
·      I don’t smoke and I will never smoke
·   I hate cooking and if I manage to cook I hate eating the same food the next day or after
·     I get cold easily ,winter is not the month for me ,thick socks and fluffy blanket will be my best friend
·     I don’t watch TV but I enjoy watching series or YouTube on my iPad, I guess this is the reason why I am wearing glasses
·     I get bored really easily, that's why I'm always on the hunt for the next interesting thing to spark my curiosity.
·   I'm afraid of heights. That's why I've never been on a roller coaster ride - and I don't plan to, either.
·         I talk fast. People usually have trouble keeping up with me when I approach a subject I'm passionate about. By the end I notice people's blank faces nodding at me, ashamed to say they had no idea what I'm blabbering about.
·   Although I have a lot of acquaintances and I'm very sociable, I keep my circle of friends small. But they're the real-deal. Loyalty is major for me.
·  I like poetry, and lyrics, singers, blogs, and bloggers. - These are people that make words carry the world within them.
·   I'm an online shopaholic. I admit! The internet is my only addiction.
·   I'm very playful with people I'm close with. Fooling around is my talent.
·  I don’t have any tattoos, but I'm pretty sure I’ll get one soon enough.
·   I weep at movies, books, news, commercials, anything that gets slightly emotional.
  I never had a real nickname.dont mind you finding one for me lol
·      I have more flats than heels, although I don't wear them as much. I still got shoes
·       I love to hear artists talk about their work. It's just so inspiring.
·         I have got a crush on tall guys
·         I always expect the best to happen - An optimist all the way.
·         I like to think that coincidences have a special meaning.
·         I could get turned on just by a Date/Boyfriend talk to me on the phone


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