Ladies Embrace your curves

I’ve never been one of those lucky ladies who can eat endless amounts of pasta, Fufu ,Eru anything which is fatty  and brownies for dessert without consequences. The skinny jeans that I bought in the hopes of losing a few pounds still don’t exactly zip up. I’ve done endless carbless diets, started and quickly gave up on exercise programs, and have worn a lot of black to hide a few extra inches here and there. Going into the  holiday season, I’ve decided it’s time to stop feeling ashamed of the extra “me.” I’ll still envy and secretly wish for the long, lean bodies around me, but will include my own in that admiration. Here’s why:

1. Curves fill out a good pair of jeans like it’s nobody’s business. They add something to look at and admire. 

2. We may never look like an exotic perfume model running elegantly in the woods, but the right dress will cling to our curves in all the right places. 

3. Our bodies can stop traffic with the deadly combination of a fitted dress or tight skirt, and a bit of confidence.

4. Curves it’s not fat ,It’s such a shame that the words “fat” and “thin” come into discussions about body shape when the human figure is never that black and white. In the words of iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, curves are not the result of “eating chips on the couch”, they’re part of your genetics. Just because your body is not a straight line doesn’t mean that you are overweight. So never label yourself as “fat”, because fat and curvy are totally separate. 


Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Hey girlies ,so a few months back I did talk to you all about Things To avoid when you have dry skin ,today I will be talking about Things to Avoid when you have oily skin .

If you have oily skin, you are prone to acne, blackheads and spots. Your skin probably looks shiny and thick. Just as with any skin type, taking certain precautions and special care can help reduce skin problems.

Beauty Tips For Oily Face

1.  We need to cleanse is a must

one of the best way to control excess oil is by cleansing ,its important to cleanse 2-3 a week ,yes I know its not easy to do but if you make this a routine then that’s becomes so easy ,this will get rid of all accumulated dirt skin and unclog your pores .when buying a cleanser ,always buy cleanser which are oil free ,here are some of my 3 fav cleansers for oily skin Clinique cleansing soap, Neutrogena ,Murad cleanser 

2.Scrubbing/Exfoliating is good for oily Face

It is imperative to exfoliate oily skin once or twice a week. This is another one of the very important oily skin tips.  excess sebum produced leads to dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, resulting in pimples, acne, whiteheads, and blackheads, and of course a dull-looking skin. To eliminate dirt and dead skin cells and renew your skin’s surface, as well as to keep breakouts at bay, include exfoliation in your skin care routine. Again, be gentle and do not scrub your skin in a harsh manner.

3.   Face Mask

After exfoliating the face its very important to follow up with a face mask ,this is a very important crucial step of avoiding oily face as it keeps your face hydrated and takes away the shininess .


Home Made Tips For Oily Skin/Dry Skin

I have been trying different home remedies jus to be able to see how different this will impact my skin ,I will be leaving some of them on here so you can try too . 

Banana Facial Mask

Banana is an all natural home made fascial mask that will leave the skin moisturise and more softer .


·         Mash a medium ripe banana into a smooth paste

·         Gentle apply unto your face and neck and allow it for 10-20mins

·         Then rinsed off with cold water once a week


Few people know that apple cider vinegar is beneficial for the skin. It contains ingredients that support skin’s health and which, unlike other similar trade products, they are much cheaper!

1.Pour 1 part Organic Raw Apple Cidar Vinegar into a glass jar, bottle or container. 

2. Add 2 parts distilled or filtered water. 

3) Shake the bottle to combine the mixture. 

4) Apply the toner to your freshly cleansed skin using a cotton ball or pad, avoiding the eye area.

If you don’t want to apply the ACV to your entire face, and are only using it to treat a few acne blemishes, dab some onto each blemish morning & night. It can be used diluted, or full strength, and will help the spot clear up & heal 3x faster than usual.

Thank you so much for reading ,some of my favourite products will be listed at the side of my page for you to purchase .