Saturday, 6 January 2018

Something To Tell You ,Truths I Learnt In 2017

Hey Beauties ,and HAPPY NEW wow we are in 2018 how quick did we get here ?As you all know each year in our lives lessons are learnt  ,I guess I learned so much in 2017 ,this was a rough year for me and I do have so many things I did learn here we go :

Stop Worrying About What People Say About You 
In reality people are always going to think negative or talk about you ,someone will always have something to say ,people always have an opinion in others life ,the worry about what others are going to say about you can actually stop you ,hold you back from archiving your purpose ,you have to get to a point where you release the chains and burden of what people think about you and be you .
Last year I decided not to care about what people think or said about me ,I don’t even borther about it ,your opinion ,keep in your pocket .
I do what feels right for me and I don’t care what Tom ,Mary ,Susan bla bla thinks of me .

Time is the most important thing 
I learn that time waits for no one ,if you want to be a Boss ,then manage your time like a Boss ,I am a scheduling kind of girl I write things in my diary ,on my excel spreadsheet,I had to really learn how to manage my time ,if you want to be great and manage your values then you have to learn how to manage your time ,being a single Mum ,preparing Nathen for school ,going to work,writing up a post on my blog ,then is definitely because I know how to manage my time ,time runs away with you ,there is no time to waste .

Remove Anything Negative from your timeline 

Deleting and blocking is sometimes good for your soul ,I keep learning about friends or should I say friendship ?I have being in situation were people hurt me or upset me and I can continually see this individuals or situations on my feed and I decided ,you what know ? I don’t need this negative energy in my moments ,in my presents in my here and now so I decided to delete and block and honestly I feel like it never happened or they never existed .

To change a bad habit ,you need to create a new habit 

I have decided that I want to own my first hour and my last hour of my life ,take for example rather than picking up my phone first thing I wake up in the morning ,I decided to leave it in the lounge before bed and rather say a little prayer or read an inspirational book and same thing applies before going to bed ,I have stopped social media taken the best part of me at night and early mornings .

Always Keep Learning 

My desire is to keep learning ,life is a lesson and we need to keep learning ,asking question and learning something each day makes you a better person ,ask from people who are great and who know a lot ,don’t be shy to ask or learn 

Appreciate your real friends 
So this is not the once that support you only when it’s beneficial for them ,not the wants that come to your blog only when you show the support ,I am very comfortable and confident with the few people I have in my life ,appreciating those who have been there for me all through my struggles means so much to me and thank you .

Say No Today for a Better Tomorrow
There are certain things that makes you sacred and try to make you invest in so many things  in one go ,simply because you think you are doing okay ,sometimes you need to listen to your inner self and say NO ,sacrifice that thing you will get instantly,say No right now and saying yes to something which is more Bigger and better 
2017 was a bitter and bigger year for me and my family so we look forward to 2018 with all it’s bigger opportunities coming our way .
Thank you for reading 
Your girl 



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