Saturday, 10 March 2018

5 Ways To Stop Feeling Fat

I am convinced feeling fat is the number one thing which triggers self pity and also one of the biggest obstacles standing between women and getting things you want in life . 

So here are my top five tips for getting over it …your life awaits

1. Get Dressed

Seriously you will feel better if you get dressed ,many of us start feeling down because we have decided to wear stretchy pants and oversized sweatshirts thinking we would feel more better and hide fat .by so doing ,you are letting your feelings determine your actions, rather than the other way around ,which is best thing to do  .  Before you let your "fat feelings" ruin your good time, I challenge you to shave your legs, put on some decent clothes, and swipe on some mascara. Get dolled up, and remember, you’re kind of a bombshell. Bonus points for getting out of your apartment and showing off your bad self

2Ask yourself what you're “feeling fat” over.

Sometimes we place actual feelings (like fear or disappointment) on our bodies because they're easier to deal with that way. One way to banish the “fat feelings” for good is to uncover what they really mean. Are you feeling insecure in your relationship? Are you struggling with a major life decision? Self-doubt shows up as “fat feelings” all the time.

I personally have an insecurity over my belle, over having a C-section I have now embarrassed my new belle structure and work had to reduce this and be comfortable in it 

3.Make Sure You Really Need to Lose Weight

Sometimes you feel fat when you really aren’t even overweight. This can be from overeating, medications, or even a false sense of how you really look. I’ve had friends and clients who were convinced they were overweight but medically speaking they weren’t. They wanted to lose weight to feel better about themselves, but strictly speaking they didn’t really need to lose any weight at all.

4.Write Down Your Good Qualities

Part of the reason you feel fat is because you are focusing on perceived negative qualities. It’s okay to acknowledge that you are overweight, but you shouldn’t call yourself names. Try this simple exercise to start thinking about yourself in a better light. Write down at least two positive physical and non-physical qualities about yourself. Here are some examples if you’re having trouble.


·         What is one physical feature you like about yourself?

·         Name five physical abilities you have. (Hint: Being able to run, walk, ride a bike, work out, hold down a physically demanding job, etc.)


·         What are some qualities people compliment you on? (Hint: Kindness, sense of humour, honesty, ability to hold an engaging conversation, making people feel at home, etc.)

·         Write down your talents and abilities. And yes, everyone has them. (Hint: Work competency, education accomplishments, creative endeavours, etc.)

Once you have a short list, commit to adding to it on a weekly basis.

5.Do and Say Something Nice to Yourself Every Day

Feeling fat sometimes translates into not being kind to yourself. Make sure to say and do something nice for yourself every single day. Stop calling yourself ugly names and say nice things about yourself, even if you don’t mean it at first. Keep at it until you start to believe and internalize those positive messages

Thank you for reading as always 



  1. Nice one... thanks for sharing

  2. Very positive, I also had a c-section and it took me a while to accept that loosing weight around my belly will take a while. I am comfortable with that!

  3. Thank you for stopping 💕💕💕💕

  4. I relate to all of this. like Sometimes I feel so ugly and I just don't want to get out of the home but then I realised people will take me the way I present myself. I remember when I was sick and I was ashamed of my skin and face and you were so supportive and made me feel super confident.


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