Review on the new Bare Faced 2 Daily Cleansing + Skin Toning Brush

The Magnitone Daily Cleansing and Skin Toning Brush 

Makeup and dirt wreak havoc on skin, I can’t stress to you how important it is to FULLY clean your face daily. Do a test if you’re not a believer- wash your face with your hands/fingers as you normally would, then use this brush (or a wash cloth if you don’t have one yet) to gently cleanse again right after you already washed with your hands. I guarantee you there will be makeup on the brush/washcloth that you didn’t get off. Try it!
Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to use The Magnitone Daily Cleansing and Skin Toning Brush 
For my everyday skincare routine. This was send to me thank you fuel pr and msgnitone ,I really like to use a product for at least a few weeks so I can offer an honest, experienced review!

  • 3D Vibra sonic facial box 
  • Bathroom Caddy (this made me fall in love with the package )
  • Wireless usb travel charge 
  • Daily Cleansing Brush 
  • Skin Toning Brush 
  • 12 Months Waranty
  • Magnitone Membership 

There are just SO many reasons why I’m really excited to tell you guys about this Cleansing brush. Here is why I love it:
  • It comes with 2 different brush ,This comes with 2 face brushes (Daily cleansing brush head and skin Toning Brush Head)
  • It SPINS.  It doesn’t vibrate or rotate back and forth like other brushes I’ve used. I’ve found I prefer the spinning motion because it lightly massages my skin! It very gently pulls on the skin as it spins and it feels soooo nice. I wish I could accurately explain it but I hope you get what I mean. I actually look forward to washing my face at the end of the day!
  • It is self controlled (no timer). It is nice to be able to use it for as long or as short as I need. Sometimes I’m extra tired and I don’t have much makeup on, and so a quick 15 second face wash is perfect. Sometimes I’ve got lots of foundation on and I like a little extra face massage, so I’ll wash for a couple minutes
  • This comes with a wireless usb travel charger which makes it very travel friendly and love the fact that you can fit this in your bag .

I love this brush so much and use it literally every night. I can honestly tell you that right now my skin is the best it’s been in a long time, and I firmly believe it is because I use this brush religiously.
It can prevent acne breakouts by cleaning the pores deep within. This will stop acne scars from developing. It can help to remove acne scars as well. It will remove acne from different parts of the face . It helps to remove blackheads and milia( it is a little nodule that forms on the skin when a sebaceous gland is blocked). The cleansing head  will help the skin looking clean, healthy, and . 
It removes brown spots on all parts of the body keeping skin looking clear and youthful. It helps to tighten skin to prevent ingrown hairs. And it will apply the sunless tanner evenly on the body. It comes with a tool that will remove rough spots on the heels and the feet.
Where to Purchase 
The Barefaced 2 is available to purchase at selected Boots store as well as online at Look Fantastic and Feel Unique, RRP £90.00. The product also now comes in two new stunning colour designs, Pink/Rose Gold and White/Rose Gold.
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