Friday, 23 November 2018


I’m a nail addicts. my nails don’t stay naked ,the thought of it makes me nervous if that’s the right word   I just look so odd without nail polish on or  press on nails . Obviously, because of this, I was really excited a couple of weeks ago I got send this kit by Sparkle PR to test and review.
I will be honest. While I have heard of at home ‘Gel Nail’ kits. I have never tried them for many reasons and thoughts. I used to go to a salon and pay £25.00 every 3 weeks to get a gel overlay on my real nails, and then I switched unto press on nails
Once I woke up and smelt the coffee I realised this was a ridiculous amount of money, time and effort! So I started doing my nails myself. Just standard nail polish. Nothing special, as I could be very impatient sometimes.
  How I Use these Kit

So I Clean my nails with the cleanser provided, file & buff, then I go in with applying the gel primer, apply the gel bas coat, pop under lamp for 30 second (otherwise known as Curing), apply nail colour, cure for 60 seconds, (apply second coat if required – I did for luck and cured for 60 seconds), apply top coat of gel, (last cure for 30 seconds), cleanse the top of the nail for high shine and there you go!
I can’t even explain how easy it was and as soon as you have cured the nail under the LED lamp the nail is dry. I don’t mean touch dry, I mean dry enough to dip your hand in some popcorn with no disasters! I literally was scared to touch it, because it was so shiny too. But I did and it 100% matte dry.
As for time, let me tell you this. I did it for the first time at home while watching a series on YouTube (Skinny girl in transit) if you care to know. It started watching at 8pmand I laid out the contents of my box, took my time and kept stopping to shout at my Ipad hahaha. My nails were, done, finished, and completely dry in 30 minutes!!!!! Next time it will take me 20 minutes max to do my manicure because I know the process.
It’s taken me a while to do this post but there is a good reason. I wanted to do a real review. I didn’t want to say after 2 days ‘’oh! Its great go and buy it’’ because any nail polish does that. One of the main selling points of SensatioNail is that the manicure is meant to last up to 2 weeks with no chipping, smudging, cracks or dulling. I’m telling you this is a hard task for me. I am constantly typing at work and home, I do the washing up, wash my hair, pick at my nails and basically a manicurists night mare. So I had to REALLY judge it over a period of time. So I did.
Weeks later
Pretty impressive if you ask me. It’s so nice to not have to worry about chipping and to look at my nails over a WEEK later and think they still look great! What an achievement.
The major perks of SensatioNail for me have been – 
Amazing colours. (Mine is Raspberry Wine) and the colour hasn’t faded.
It lasts 4x longer than my usual nail polish with NO touch ups and NO chips. I reckon I still have another 3 days before I need to reapply.
It was super quick. I was expecting to my nailed out for ages, but 30 minutes for my first application while being completely distracted. Brilliant.
Available at Boots so I know I can always get my top ups, new polish and other bits & pieces.
I am genuinely impressed. The starter kit is £69.99 on the SensatioNail website, which is less than 3 salon visits. The starter kit I have, gives me enough for 10 manicures at home. If each manicure lasts me 10 days. That’s 100 days of beautiful looking nails. £0.69 per day!!!!! That is a flipping bargain if ever I heard one.

Thank you so much for reading 


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