Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Eves Parcel


What’s in the Box?-Eves Parcel

January Edition 

First Impression 

 If you haven’t tried a period box before, it’s basically a subscription box where you receive all the sanitary products you need for the month plus lots of goodies! Thank you Eves Parcel for sending this over .This is my first ever Eve’s Parcel and I’m so excited that I have gotten to try it out! This subscription box can be cancelled at anytime as long is you cancel before the collection date which is the 21st of each month .

Can I just say this box has come dead on time when am due my period which I am most excited about.

The first thing I noticed about the subscription is how flexible it is! Not only is there a wide range of sanitary options but you can even choose to receive the box without sanitary products at all! This would be great for people that don’t have a period for whatever reason, or for people that don’t use pads and tampons. There is a lovely mix of products in here, now lets see what’s inside 

 Sanitary Products – so I got two sets of pads (Always Brand) there definitely I a good amount of pad in both. The one thing I worry about with period subscription boxes is that they won’t provide enough products to last the month. However, I don’t think I have to worry about this one.

Always is pretty popular brands and I’m completely fine about it, but it obviously depends on personal preference.

Pukka organic cleanse Herbal Tea – I love the fact that this tea is filled with peppermint and aloe ,peppermint has this cooling affect ,that seems to cam you down when you have bad period pains like myself .

 Most period subscriptions seem to include tea and I am totally fine with that! This is a Rose tea and it smells amazing! I can’t wait to try it!

Jealous Sweet Happy Bears – Apple & Lemon– okay I am not going to lie, these lasted about 5 minutes, soon as I received this at work and I opened the package my colleagues went straight into it.  I love that there are edibles in here as well as just beauty products! These were so tasty and definitely one of my favourite things in here.

 Eat Real Hummus Sour Cream & Chive – it’s always good to have something to snack on during your period, so I really don’t mind this being in the box

Elifexir Flat Tummy Reducing &Firming Cream –so this cream claims to shape, firm and moisturise the tummy thereby reducing fat which has been deposited in your tummy and also helps to tone the tummy, honestly I love products like this as I do have a bit of my tummy which is saggy due to child birth, hopefully this helps to make it firmer and tone.

Monu Warning Aromatic Mask –  this is basically a warming mask which has been formulated to increase vitamin and also absorb mineral leaving the skin feeling warmed and comfortable ,wow I guess that was a mouth full ,really excited to try this never used a warming mask before so am excited to try this .

Figs & Rouge –Pro Acneal Purifying Cleansing Facial Wash- this claims to clear excess oil on your skin and remove access and it’s very good if you do have sensitive 


Final Thoughts

This is the very first box from Eve’s Parcel and I’m impressed! There is a lot in here and the quality of the contents is way more decent than other well-known boxes! The, which is pretty good. What makes it pretty exciting is the fact that I have never tried any of the products included in the box

The box costs £12.99, which is pretty much the same as all the other period boxes I have tried! However, you can use the code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first box! Click here to visit the Eve’s Parcel website!